Kalliel (kalliel) wrote,

What Season Are You?

I got this from hefreak! I don't tend to like a lot of SPN Internet-quiz things because they just rely so hard on caricatures I don't really relate to when I think about SPN. There's some of that in this one, but overwhelmingly it's just very cute and wry. AND THERE ARE LEGIT SOME MENTIONS OF SPN BATHROOMS JUST FOR ME.

If you take it, please let me know your results and whether you feel they're accurate to you!

Mine is accurate:

"You’re driven, you’re organized, and you’ll finish your projects on time if it’s the last thing you’ll do. You’re a bit of a perfectionist, and you’re always focused on the bigger picture: you’re not afraid of personal sacrifice to make the pieces fall into place. If all your friends jumped off a bridge, you probably would too."
Tags: fandom: spn, mememe

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