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15x15 "Gimme Shelter" -- BECAUSE ZACH.... HAS STYLE.

MAN, I really enjoyed this episode! I watched it last night and woke up this morning thinking about how much I enjoyed this episode. My love language is the way Sam looks at things--including and especially but not necessarily limited to Dean. YOU ARE SO GOOD.

I also love that "Chuck said Amara loves keno" / "I thought he was joking." / "He's not that funny" is actually objectively 100% a better lead well worth driving half the country for, over the assumptions Castiel and Jack would have had to make to decide to chat up a crossroads demon during their case. This is the kind of strategy that happens when you're still nursing your "I mean, let's just call up Ruby in the Empty" hangover. XD

"CAN WE WEAR MATCHING TIES" was the most wonderful line. In spite of my general desire for SPN to just be Sam and Dean staring at each other while whittling for 43 minutes or whatever, I really loved Team Jack and Castiel in this ep, and they totally carried it. Also, I'm pretty sure I sound like Jack saying "Hello!" when I greet my classes as I sign into Zoom.

But boy oh BOY I was not expecting that second conversation with Amara and I AM SOOOOOOOOOO HERE FOR IT, holy moly. A sudden rush of gravitas and intensity, which was so very, very palpable. I LIVE FOR THIS STUFF AAAH I LOVE IT I LOVE IT.

This episode had such wonderful incidental characters as well, from Sheriff Lady (joining SPN's cadre of excellent sheriffs) to Zach, the crossroads demon with style. I really enjoyed him, and I loved that he came back at the end of the episode, unbeknownst to Jack and Castiel (impressively warded Crossroads Demon Zack--so he's smart as well as stylish, then!), even though the moment he slipped into the car my heart broke for Sylvia and her father, even though up to that point I'd been pretty neutral about both of them.

LOL that we're back on the bomb strategy, per S11. Not that I remember the explicit details of what the S11 bomb strategy actually was, but between Bomb Strategy Redux and the Malak Box, maybe we shouldn't be putting so much stock in Billie's master plans? HOW are these better than anyone else's shitty plans. XD

I think my plan for today is to do the bare minimum of work that needs to be done and bake some brownies, stir fry some tofu, watch 15x16... Because man, today Feels Bad!!!!
Tags: beekeeper!dean, fandom: spn, spn x, yum cups

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