Kalliel (kalliel) wrote,

two boys and a car

MMMMMMMMMM that feeling you get when you see a picture of
two boys and a car (on Tumblr)

And all of the feeling from the whole day, which has been going on for 22 hours (but only 15, you suppose, since waking), all that feeling which was inaccessible and about to be wasted, like most feelings and most days that do not involve a picture of two boys and a car on Tumblr, all that feeling wells up at once and all of it is for those two boys and that car and maybe also for you.

It makes you feel the same way it feels to drive to the grocery store, everything loud because 1) everything in your house is quiet and you never leave your house, and 2) a car has better speakers than a laptop. The sky is the exact same color as the pavement, merging together at the horizon, though it's unclear whether it's more because the sky is dark or because the road is wet, and it's the color of the sky because of genuine reflection. It's so windy it feels like 90 at 55, 100--worse, because just last weekend you kept hitting 100 by accident on I-94, and it never felt like this. The pavement feels like mud, the thin slick kind. It's so windy, past campaign signs (still insistent), and houses, and farmhouses, and fields, and fields, and car dealerships. Seger's playing "Against the Wind," because Michigan radio is nothing if not ironic. The grocery store believes you are living through a pandemic, though not as much as the gas station in Ann Arbor did.

The comments section of the local Gazette doesn't.

But there are people in this town who don't believe in wind. You find them, their cars, smashed against each other on road where cars rare meet, let alone trade reality, attempt to occupy the same space and the same time. Crush metal, splinter plastic. They should have believed in the wind.

But there's a picture of two boys and a car (any picture of these two boys and this one car on anywhere) and you love them.
Tags: fandom: spn, i can't watch tv like a normal person, yum cups

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