Kalliel (kalliel) wrote,

Ramble On

Me and you--my entire adult life. Literally, the whole thing. From the summer I turned 18, and visited Alaska for the first time. (I mean... it's the only time I've been to Alaska, but hopefully not the last.)

I've moved into 9 different homes with you. Nine.

I've visited almost all the states (missing Vermont, New Hampshire, Maine, Connecticut, New Jersey, Delaware, and Oklahoma), most of them more than once. Some over and over (and over and over)--Kansas, Colorado, Utah, Nevada, Arizona, Illinois, Indiana. BC and Ontario, too.

A BA, a Masters, and a PhD. My first quarter teaching as a professor.

I've totaled three cars. The first, off a mountainside in rural West Virginia. I learned two things: Black ice is vengeful and I've been well-trained. All that first aid training did what it needed to do. The second two were the same car, the car I am still driving. First time: Farm road, rural Kansas. Got acquainted very nearly literally with the entire town. Drove the thousand miles home with no rear end, a bad wheel bearing, and the throatiest exhaust leak a 175hp 4-cyl can muster. Third time: Hugged the girl who hit me and told her she was going to be okay. (Cried for a week.)

He's going to roll 200,000 miles tomorrow, at which point I will have owned him longer and driven him further than any of his previous four owners. I know that this will be, in part, for you. ♥
Tags: americana, fandom: spn, hell on wheels, welcome to the end

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