Kalliel (kalliel) wrote,

Oh, don't mind me. I have a tag for this. *points*

I've been trying to distract myself from my feelings by trying to get ANYTHING done today, but:

- Grading response papers, which are about... a novel wherein a family of temp job/under-the-table/paycheck-to-paycheck werewolves ramble through the south and southwest in a series of janky but classic cars with a lot of character. YOU KNOW WHAT THAT REMINDS ME OF.

(I mean, not those werewolves in particular, but this is the quote/scene I most love out of the werewolf-related SPN lore.)

- So I put on a "Zelda and chill" jazz playlist, because both jazz and Zelda have very different vibes than SPN. BUT ALSO:

- I need to make this fancy mac n' cheese so I have food for the next few days, but YOU KNOW WHO ELSE EATS MAC N' CHEESE:


EDIT: Okay, I managed to make my mac n' cheese. The sauce was a butternut squash base boiled in vegetable broth + butter-browned onions + almond milk, with smoked gouda and gruyere. I ate it with a combination of gemelli (my favorite pasta shape) and black bean spirals (impulse buy), with sauteed mushrooms and broccoli. I made it for Sam. <3 Mac n' cheese #102.
Tags: beekeeper!dean, fandom: spn, i use lj the way other people use tumblr

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