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Incomplete List of Bullet Points About My Fave (1)

— I love how straightforward he is when it comes to battle banter. An enemy can be like, "Uhuhuhu all you’re doing is running away!! Do you feel CORNERED?" and he’ll just be like, "Well, yes. You’re not giving me a window to put together a strategy, so I don’t have one." Or "You’re so young—I bet your powers aren’t even fully mature yet and you can’t execute them in full!!!!" And he’ll just be like, "That’s correct."

Or someone will be like, "I can’t believe you’d say [X], that’s totally presumptuous of you." And he’ll be like, "I hadn’t thought about it that way. You’re right and I apologize."

And it goes both ways—if he thinks a colleague is in error, and the colleague responds, "Are you accusing ME of [X}??" there’s no beating around the bush. He’s just like, "Yes, I am."

It’s never this defensive, cloak and dagger stuff—it’s just like, if you’re wrong, then revise. And if something is true, don’t deny it. End of story.

— Similarly, I think it’s both unadvisable and endearing that he’s often in meta-reflection/pedagogical mode in battle, so he’ll just say stuff like, "I don’t like using this technique because I can’t control it well and that makes me nervous." As true as that might be, maybe don’t be so truthful with someone who is trying to kill you?? I also love how pedantic his approach to combat is across the board, lol. It’s like 500 million hours of observation and contemplation, then 300 hours of setup, and 5 seconds of culmination, and an explanation: "This takes a long time to set up."

— I love that he’s completely willing to mysterious disappear when people are getting up to shenanigans he doesn’t want to be a part of (the film festival, the drinking parties, the video game), but still ends up participating in SOME social shenanigans. Even though he still doesn’t ever really seem like he wants to be there, I feel like the fact that he IS capable of opting out also suggests that some part of him agreed to the things he does show up for. Totally an introvert sketching out what social obligations he’s going to fulfill because you have to show up for people SOMEtimes (MCing the variety show, the beach trip, Yachiru’s New Years karuta).
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