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Trashfire fic

ALL RIGHT. I've given myself a personal deadline of December 20 to finish this fic. Whatever it looks like then, that's done--whether I like the fic by then or not. Because I'm not actually sure liking it is an option that will exist, no matter what I do. :\

A characteristic of my writing that I find remarkably consistent, though--like, across the board, not just this fic--is my incredible ability to write things that are simultaneously overwritten and underwritten. Like, how is that even possible? But I feel like that's a problem I run up against in my writing ALL THE TIME. Is it like when you're trying to walk a tightrope and just end up overcorrecting and wobbling to either side, rather than ever staying balanced?

Simplifying this fic is helping it, for sure; I think the first half is decent now. But I don't see any ready way to help the second half, because it's written itself into H/C I don't actually want to deal with, and that makes the pacing weird. And then in this process of simplification I still need to decide like, what the core exploration(s) are going to be, if I'm taking all these things out, because it still has to go somewhere. And that's where it runs up into my tendency to under-write. Part of that is just me relying to heavily on implications that aren't really there, but then part of that is characterization, where I'm just like, "well, he wouldn't" give that, or share that. IS IT BAD/LAZY WRITING or is it courtesy, of the "welp, that's as much as the character wanted to do" variety???

I feel like honoring those moments is an important part of writing with a character, but at the same time, man, like, sometimes they don't get a choice!! Or at least, they shouldn't. XP

Tell me, friends. How much leeway (and/or "creative decision-making") do you allow your characters when you're writing? How much do you push them, when, and why? And when do you let them avoid things they don't want to have in writing? (Does the degree of leeway vary by character?) (Does this just sound like crazy talk because it in no way reflects your creative process?)
Tags: fandom: misc., writing

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