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Incomplete List of Bullet Points About My Fave (2)

- What I find completely fascinating about Bleach is that the primary emotional thrust/fallout of its seminal arc doesn't even belong to the main character, nor the main storyline. Honestly, the main character's part is pretty impersonal, in the scheme of things? It's not his universe that's in trouble; this isn't his bureaucratic clusterfuck; he's not even the target of the antagonist's fuckery. He's only brought into the story through his relationship to another character, whose role in these machinations is also incidental. Which seems a bit weird, but also feels COMPLETELY, deeply, spiritually accurate to what it means to be shinigami daikou in the first place. Because if you're working as a shinigami you're encountering these souls in the midst of the worst moment they have ever experienced, a lot of the time--a moment that has absolutely nothing to do with you, except that you're expected to deliver them from it.

- But also like, the primary emotional thrust/fallout of this arc does belong to someone, and it belongs to my faves, and I find it equally fascinating that no matter how true this is, at no point does the narrative ever shift spotlight, and be like, "ah yes, this is the real storyline--and the main character has realized it too." First of all, the main character and my fave never even meet through the whole arc, which is comprised of literal years of content. This arc just comes down on them and they're collateral the entire time. They continue to be collateral, all through the later arcs that tie back to this originating one. At no point in the story is the narrative ever "man, we gotta do X because of the terrible thing Y did and what Z and Q experienced." It's never personalized to them, even though everyone knows what happened, more or less. It's just taken as a sort of collective harm to the superorganism and they stay minor players in the margins. The worst that happens in this arc happens to them and it happens in the shadows. It stays there.

I love that?!?!
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