Kalliel (kalliel) wrote,

[Fic/Bleach] Heart Weather

For better or worse, we are done here. As promised, on this day, December 20, 2020, I relinquish custody. <3333 What an odyssey. Whatever I feel about this fic, I feel like for once in my life I came up with a summary I think is good, and that almost never happens. It took half a pandemic (or pandemic-thus-far) to write this.

Title: Heart Weather
Genre: post-series, drama, hurt/comfort
Characters: Matsumoto (POV), Hitsugaya; Hinamori, Kyouraku, Renji, Hisagi, Kurotsuchi, Akon
Word Count: ~16,500
Rating: PG-13
Tags: PTSD, post-war trauma, grief/mourning, depression, anxiety attacks, hurt/comfort, emotional hurt/comfort, major illness, exhaustion, nakama, protectiveness, bad geoengineering, Soul Society is honestly not a great place, but maybe it can be someday, how to bury 2000 bodies

Summary: Living to see the end of a war is not the same as surviving it. In the wake of the Thousand-Year Blood War, the cosmic fabric of Soul Society has been fundamentally altered—and when Hitsugaya gets put in charge of managing the weather, it seems the prognosis can only get worse. Meanwhile, the consequences of his battle with Gerard are starting to catch up with him; and as the body count ticks up ever higher, the tolls of war are going to catch up to everyone.

No body can contain all this grief.

Tags: fandom: misc., writing

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