Kalliel (kalliel) wrote,

kill my darlings

The great/terrible thing about binge-watching/reading something is that you can go from

awww I'm so proud of my fave for getting a part-time job and doing his math homework even though he's dead!


oh my god it turns out my fave was beaten nearly to death by his alcoholic father before being locked in a refrigerator still-breathing, clawing his nails bloody against the door until he asphyxiated and learning this turned him into a demon and then he was 'saved' by a terrible gaslighting man who wants to 'abuse to use' him (the man's words) and now he's off tearing into things he's hallucinating as his father/killer and this whole demonic thing has escalated to the point that he can now impose his will on whole swaths of humanity in a pure but ultimately extremely misguided attempt to remake a righteous world

in a matter of hours.

Like, I want to say that escalated quickly but I suppose this is the price you pay for mainlining 10 years' worth of canon in an evening.


Yukine my babyyyyyy
Tags: fandom: misc.

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