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god i am USELESS

So, I am making dinner, and I go to put on a SPN ep while I cook--trying out that whole "I am a normal person and I can definitely increase the SPN in my life by adding it to chores; I do NOT need to give my full attention to this show every single time I watch it; I CAN DO THIS" schtick--and here I am, slicing tomatoes, when the cold open starts and it turns out

I never actually watched 15x06, lol.

Like, not all the way through. LAST FALL WAS VERY ROUGH, OKAY; I was teaching and finishing a dissertation and on the job market and going to conferences all at once. So I only...watched the Sam and Dean scenes out of this ep. With the intention of going back to finish the rest! I just apparently....never did lol. Lol lol lol lol.

These witches???? Castiel hitting on his tackle store guy???? ALL NEW TO ME.

Fake fan!!!!!

Edit: Sam jogging scene!!!!!!! Omg I cannot believe I've been lacking that in my life for over a year when I could have had it all along!!!! (Uh, when I say "only watched the Sam and Dean scenes," I mean I literally only watched the scenes where they were both... there at the same time. Which for this particular ep, I gather, is very little of this episode at all. XDD Heaven help me.)

Edit 2: Myajafaskdsajfak;lj I love this showwwwwwwwwwwwwww!!!!!!!! AKLSFJASLKFJ!!! And more emphatically, ASLFJA:SKFJ:J!!!!

Edit 3: This stupid risotto was taking twice as long as advertised so I watched 15x05 again, and MY GOD I LOVE THIS EP UNNECESSARY AMOUNTS. This is like the fifth or sixth time (apparently to the detriment of ever having seen 15x06, which just makes that oversight that much more pathetic). *______* <33333333
Tags: fandom: spn, salt being a spirit deterrent

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