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This rewatch would be a second-grader if it were human. (10x18)

OhHHHhHHhhHHHH mYYYYYYY GoDAAFAHFAJFHAHHHHHHh Tonight I picked my rewatch back up (you know, the rewatch I started in literally summer 2014 and still haven't finished) and I LOVE. THIS SHOW. SO MUCH. SO MUCH!!!!!!!

I left off with 10x17 "Inside Man," which I watched in a hotel room in Seattle the night before (or maybe after?) a job interview that later net me a campus visit in Colorado and ultimately broke my heart. Between then and now so much has happened, both personally and globally. But man, fire up the Netflix and 10x18 "Book of the Damned" and my love is instantaneous--in love watching random Styne dudes chase Charlie with this absolutely bonkers score behind it, in love watching Sam on this phone. AND DEAN. MOC!DEAN. Everything was to the nines and all of it was glorious. CASTIEL'S LITTLE FACES. Sam letting Charlie shorthand in two sentences a season and a half of some of the worst parts of his life. Dean and the book of the damned. The fact that Bobby owns a TON of property (safe house cabins all over, apparently!). The Styne who got walked in on in the gas mart by Dean and legit just decided to play the part of store clerk, asking Dean if "that'll be all" and miming the retrieval of change from the register.

It's a good thing I live alone because were that not the case I don't know that my housemates would have appreciated me giggling like a madman through the final montage and belting along with "Behind Blue Eyes," even though I only know 1/20th of the words. I LOVE this show in a visceral stomach-clenching, googly-face-making way. And as much as I keep telling myself I could watch more SPN if I were content to watch it while cooking or archiving or cleaning, I know I really can't because the visual is too important. I need to see the way they look at each other! Sam and Castiel had so many good looks this episode.

Also, look at this beautiful shot:

10x19 "The Werther Project" (alt title: "No, the other suicide box") is up next, which is one of my top favorite episodes. 😊😊😊
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