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Driving Meme

Snagged these questions from metallidean_grl!

1. Do you like to drive? I do, if I have time! I don’t like driving in cities or in construction, though. I mean, who does?

2. Do you own a car?  What kind is it? I own a 2006 Subaru Legacy 2.5i wagon, my baby child. <3333 I’m planning a Quinceañera for this June, his month of manufacture. He's a 2006 who was actually built in 2006, not in 2005.

3.  What is your favorite optional feature on a car? If we’re talking literal factory options, I think I’m the kind of person who’d prefer to not have them vs. have them, though I’ve always thought fog lights were cool—and skid plates. I like the idea of dual-range transmissions, but let’s be real—I don’t use many of the basic features my car has to begin with—the dome lights, for instance.

OH WAIT, NO, KNOW WHAT MY FAVORITE OPTIONAL FEATURE ON A CAR IS. Rubber floor mats. Simple, but invaluable. Why the hell do floor mats come in anything other than rubber? Oh, and roof rack cross bars!

Here are some random, incredibly innocuous qualities my car has that I’ve discovered through driving rentals that I actually really like and would be sad to lose:

- Dash displays ambient temp, trip time, and average MPGs
- Rearview mirror displays direction of travel
- Beeps whenever it is 37 degrees (not useful, just cute)
- Secret cubbies in trunk area around wheel wells.
- Extra space in spare tire well for all the things
- Rear seats fold down flat

Here are some qualities in cars-not-mine that think would be nice to have:

- Engine oil temp gauge, in addition to coolant temp!
- AUX-in, lol
- Backup camera. I had a rental for three days before I realized it had a backup camera because whenever I backed up I was, you know… Looking back, and not at the dash, ahahaha.

A feature I do NOT want in a car is a touchscreen, because that feels like an expensive point of failure/age. Built-in tech in cars makes me wary, because the pace at which tech improves/becomes obsolete means that anything in a car is already gonna be several years behind whatever new phone just came out. And if it goes, you basically have to replace the unit.

4.  How much does gasoline currently cost where you live? I haven’t been in a few weeks, so I’m not actually sure. $2.30/gal?

5.  What is the longest car trip you have taken? The longest overall trip I’ve driven was 6000 eventful miles over the span of a month on the road. The longest I’ve driven consecutively is Ypsilanti, MI to Adair, IA, which is about 700 miles/11 hours. I stopped at the Orland Park Costco and then at an Iowa Costco about 45min from my destination so I would have gas for the following day, and forgot to switch out my CD both times. I thought I was gonna lose my mind by the end of that.

And I remember it feeling incredibly surreal, because once I did stop, the motel in Adair had like… weird amounts of furniture in it? There were extras of everything like the room was also serving as a storage closet. Multiple tables! So many chairs! I like driving in Iowa, though, because it’s so flat and there are so few obstructions you get a 360 degree sunset. I’ve driven through Iowa a few times but never "been" to Iowa, so that’s the one thing I know about it. But if I had to choose a thing to know about a state, that seems like a good one.
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