Kalliel (kalliel) wrote,

Rec: "Laughter Among the Trees"

I was gonna keep this for my Weekly Goals roundup but I'm gonna just post it now so (ideally) more people will see it.

This week I read Laughter Among the Trees by Suzan Palumbo, published in the February 2021 issue of The Dark Magazine, and holy shit, it is masterful.

If you like:
— camping or woods stories
— ghost stories
— sibling stories
— stories that take race as a major theme

You will probably love this, too. But it has ALL OF THAT going for it and somehow none of those elements are my favorite thing about this story. My favorite thing is how deftly the narrative plays with your emotions, crafting suspense and anxiety-inducing feints. I often say I like the idea of horror fiction more than I’ve found myself compelled by its actual practice, but I love love love this horror story.

It’s about a family that immigrates to Toronto from the West Indies, two sisters, and what the woods decides to keep.


OH MAN THAT WAS SO GOOD, THOUGH. I’M AMPED. I finished reading it 20 minutes from writing this spiel (which will go into the full post some days from now, I imagine) BUT I LOVED IT. PLEASE READ IF THAT KINDA THING’S YOUR JAM. WILL NOT REGRET.
Tags: fandom recs

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