Kalliel (kalliel) wrote,

🎵Bells - Unlikely Candidates

In my most immediate present, I'm supposed to be a writing an hour-long talk I haven't started, that I am allegedly giving IN 24 HOURS. I'm supposed to be finishing a museum exhibit I should have finished over a week ago. I'm supposed to be grading the literal mountain of things now in my inbox and responding to way too many email requests.

But instead I am having a CRISIS because this song came up:

Bells - Unlikely Candidates
You wasted all your life
You never got it right
Now we'll teach you about loss and pain
But there's something that's shining blue
Can I ever take from you
You can take my gun
You can take my boots
But those howls, they're coming for you

I used to see the light in the dark souls around me
Now when I come through the sky
I'm not asking why
When the bell hits 12, I'll swing
And where we go
Nobody knows
Those bells are ringing, ringing loud

I don't know the specific story or segment of their story as already written that this pertains to explicitly, but you can pry this tune from Sam and Dean's cold dead hands. It's theirs.

When the chorus just hits that plaintive note. Aah!
Tags: fandom recs, fandom: spn

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