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REC: "Locked In"

Hello, please stop whatever you are doing right now and click on this and read this and leave a comment and kudos:

Locked In

It's the Summergen fic that was written for me, and it's the best ghost POV and the best locked-in scenario that I have ever read. I say this because these are both things I love and whenever people write them they're always pretty good, but the execution here is knockout. There aren't words that can articulate fine enough distinctions to appropriately describe how good I think this fic is.

It's funny, because there's that fandom feeling where like, "Oh, I don't usually like X trope, so it has to be written really well for me to tackle that." But I don't see us talking as often about like, the tropes that we're probably always going to enjoy reading, no matter what, and are always going to be happy to have read--but how those have to be written to an entirely new level for you to realize, holy shit, I was always going to love this but this is so good it just unlocked an entirely new experience of loving this. To me that seems like a much stiffer challenge, but for me this is it, this is the fic that does that. Everything about it is perfect.

It's elegant and moody ands scary and thinky and funny and poignant--and it's doing this all with a sense of horror that is both firmly grounded in incredibly human experiences but also feels irreducible to that, because the story is also so much the story of a ghost, and from a ghost.

Man, I wish I were one of those fandom people who has like, a following, where I can post/reblog/rec something and dozens of people would just be like "Yes" and I could noticeably direct the flow of traffic. But I am very deeply not, in any fandom, on any platform. So... I'll do what I can. PLEASE READ!
Tags: fandom recs, fandom: spn

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